Most Effective Hydrogen Storage Bank

Low Cost, Compact, and Light Weight

Hydrogen Storage
Hydrogen storage is a critical enabling technology for the advancement of hydrogen-related technologies in various applications.

Hydrogen can be stored using physical methods like compressed gas or liquid form. However, they have limitations such as high pressure and large physical volume are required.

We offer new hydrogen storage material – interstitial hydride, to enable a smaller, cheaper and more energy dense system for the applications.

Hydride Storage
Metal Hydride a.k.a Interstitial Hydride, is a class of hydrogen compounds formed between hydrogen and metals via metallic bonding.

This storage system stores hydrogen in solid form at room temperature, making it the safest hydrogen storage for distribution and operation.

Neuto engineering team has more than 8 years dealing with energy storage including battery storage and hydrogen storage technology.

Our experience and professional team is ready to serve your energy storage needs. Speak to our friendly consultant today.

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