NEUTO provides integrated engineering solutions to promote hydrogen as clean and efficient energy and commercialized a wide range of innovative smart intelligent systems for industrial and transportation.

Clean Energy Generation

The forces of nature create a reservoir of energy, free for all to harvest. Tap into the unlimited energy supply with solar photovoltaic, wind and hydro for electricity to generate green hydrogen for higher value.

Hydrogen Storage Bank

Hydrogen is one of the most versatile energy carriers. Energy generated from renewable sources can be stored in hydrogen using physical methods like compressed gas or liquid form. We offer a new hydrogen storage material to enable smaller, cheaper and higher energy density system for your applications.

Transportation Solutions

The current internal combustion engine has high fuel consumption, high maintenance cost and high polluting exhaust emission. We offer a series of green, smart and safe plug-and-play technology to help you save fuel, save cost and save the Earth from climate change.
Whether it is solar farm, electrolysis hydrogen generation, hydrogen storage, hydrogen hybrid transportation or vehicle diagnostic, our expert consultant and professional engineering teams with extensive experience will definitely satisfy your clean energy needs.

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