#1. Personalized Treatment
Powered by artificial intelligence (A.I.), NEUTO is the only engine cleaning system that is intelligent enough to customize treatment for your car base on the emission gas analysis. This is done via real-time gas readings and real-world emission database from our cloud servers.

#2. Detailed health screening for your cars
When a doctor gives you a urine test, he or she will know what is wrong with your body. That’s what Neuto can do for your car. After we have diagnosed your car’s engine, the emission report is like a urine test, and from there, your mechanic will be able to effectively and accurately pinpoint your car problem.

#3. Hydrogen is a Clean and Green Gas
During the cleaning process, Neuto’s equipment will not emit harmful gases which pollutes the environment.

#4. Cleaning Down to Micro-Molecular Level
Hydrogen can remove hotspot that may cause pre-ignition in the engine chamber. After the treatment, your engine will run smoother and vibrate lesser.

#5. Re-calibrate Air-Fuel Ratio (AFR)
NEUTO is the world first and only engine cleaning system that use emission data to measure air-fuel ratioor lambda to recalibrate your car performance back to its ideal range. When your car runs at its ideal condition, fuel efficiency and performance can be improved.

#6. Data You Can Trust
Neuto sensor is well-calibrated and certified under the US California BAR72 and Germany PTB Automotive Standards. Because of that, you, and your mechanic can trust the reliability and transparency of the report.

#7. Peace of Mind 
Hydrogen is gas-based, so when your car is being treated using our desorption technology, the gas can be completely burned, leaving no corrosive residuebehind. Otherwise, those residues would have caused damage to your car’s engine and internal components, which is sensitive to chemical reactions.

#8. Dry Cleaning Process Hydrogen
Unlike other solutions that may leave unwanted residual and even corrode your engine during the treatment process, rest assure that Neuto’s process ishighly effective. This is made possible because of how our hydrogen gas are stored (Metal Hydride Canister), and our decarbonizing technology.

#9. Quick and Hassle Free
Neuto Dry Hydrogen Auto Therapy process is fully automated with smart machine learning logic to control the level of Hydrogen and treatment duration. It can detect abnormalities and generate the right report to diagnose the problem.

#10. Your Car’s Historical Report at Your Finger Tips
Neuto files all your car’s report and data unto the cloud server, so the information can be used for future references, empowering you to track your car’s condition. With Neuto, you do not need to worry about losing any important information about your car service history anymore.


SINGAPORE NEUTO Pte Ltd 21 Woodlands Close,#07-04, Primz Bizhub Singapore 737854 Tel: +65 8747 9797 Email:

MALAYSIA NEUTO Sdn Bhd 5 Jalan Kempas Utama 3/8, Taman Kempas Utama, 81200 Johor Bahru Tel: +607 5599500 Email:

THAILAND NEUTO Thailand 29/185 Soi Chanachai, Prasoet Manukit Rd, Navamin, Khet Bueng Kum, Bangkok Tel: +66 (0)97 449 6699 Email:

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