Convert Your Ordinary Diesel Fleet to Hydrogen Energy Efficient Vehicle

Save Fuel. Save Cost. Save the Earth.
What Is Neuto H2EEV?
NEUTO H2EEV (Hydrogen Energy Efficient Vehicle) is designed as a plug-and-play dual fuel system that converts existing diesel fleet into hydrogen-diesel hybrid with built-in artificial intelligence.

NEUTO H2EEV enhances fuel efficiency and lower carbon emisision without major capital outlay and range anxiety.

Why Hydrogen?
Hydrogen is the cleanest and simplest energy form in the universe. Hydrogen is clean fuel and superb catalyst for combustion. Hydrogen has three times more energy content than diesel. One part of hydrogen can produce the same amount of energy needed by burning three parts of diesel. As hydrogen do not have carbon in the molecule structure, it does not produce carbon emission during combustion. The only by product is water.
Why Neuto H2EEV?

Save cost

Save fuel

5 – 37%

More power and torque

> 15%

Cleaner emission

Smog reduction
70 – 90%

More productive

Cleaner engine

Less carbon soot

Cleaner Exhaust

Less contamination

More uptime

Less repair

Neuto engineering team has more than 8 years track record in commercialization of a wide range of innovative smart intelligent systems for transportation.

Speak to our consultant to enhance your profitability.

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